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Easy, Flexible, Honest and Immediate... just a little different than other game advertising...

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Game-Ads-Online.com is a site devoted to Online Game Advertising.
Here, we offer basic, yet suprisingly different and effective, game advertising services.

** We can display your ads on game and gaming sites.
** We pay you to display ads on your game and gaming site(s).
Or Earn Residual Income using our Rererral Service
Simply get a free account, let game owners know about our services and earn 5% of their spend, and 5% of their earnings!! FOVEVER!! ONGOING!!
In short, if you want your game advertized to gamers, or income from game advertizing, we will make that happen.
We will do it in a way that avoids fraud, builds trust in the results, and is fair to advertizer and ad publisher.

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    Advertise Your Game Site

  • Your ad will be shown on game and game related sites
  • You will be able to control how much to spend per day or per hour.
  • You are provided with complete reporting on your ad performance down to the record.
  • If you wish, you can group ads into campaigns that can be controlled separately.
  • Our unique charge per Ad per IP per URL per Minute formula ensures you are not at risk of click or impression fraud.
  • Our rates are a competitive $0.00080 (that's only 8 hundreths of a cent!) per /IP/minute/ad/url impressions.
    (/IP/minute/ad/site means that if a user clicks a page 20 times a minute, or uses 'auto-refresh', and your ad is shown 20 times, and you only pay for 1 /IP/minute/url/ad impression)
  • If you also wish to display ads, the earnings go directly to your ad balance, allowing you to show more ads!

    Get Paid

  • Get paid to display ads from other sites. Simply paste a tiny bit of code on your website -we do the rest.
  • Put a 'default ad' in place (google ads, for example), for any times you may not get a qualified ad to display from us. There is nothing to lose!
  • Get paid in dollars, or fund your account if you have a game or game site you want advertized!
  • Our payout rate is currently a very competitive $0.60 per 1000 impression/IP/minute/url/ad.
    (/IP/minute/ad/url means that you are paid for each user who sees each ad on a page, each minute - but not multiple times per minute per page.))
  • NOTE: Impression or click fraud is not acceptable, will be found, and will result in loss of account. Plus the rewards for such are so limited with our system, its just not worth it here!!
  • Referral: Introduce our service to others (via your unique account link) and get a percent of their income, and their spend!!

Why use Game-Ads-Online or gameadsonline.com?

We ourselves (Kingdom Games) have run many games. We know the issues in reaching the right audience, and trusting the process that makes it work.
We therefore built a better process.
We believe you will appreciate the efforts! and results..
Game-ads-online.com is a game advertising site, advertising games, and paying game sites to display ads.
Run by Kingdom Games Ltd.    ||   For support use email: support at game-ads-online.com